What should I bring? 
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, ziplock bag for phone and other items, shoes and clothes that can get wet. A phone is also nice for pictures, and can be helpful if your arrival is much earlier than expected. Cumberland Kayak is not responsible for lost or damaged phones. 

Where is Cumberland Kayak located?
Cumberland Kayak is a mobile business. Our shuttle usually picks you up at Cumberland Park (2 Victory Avenue), near the Bridge Building and Titans stadium. However, during certain events (Titans games, city festivals, etc.) all trips meet at the Shelby Park boat ramp. We will notify you and post on Facebook if we are using an alternate pickup location. 

Where can I park?
Both Cumberland Park and Shelby Park (alternate site during events) have parking lots available for park visitors. Parking for Cumberland Park, however, can be limited during events. Our meeting locations are next to greenways and B-cycle (bike rental) stations, so biking and walking are also great options. 

Is the van shuttle before or after we kayak? Can I meet you at Shelby?
We shuttle whenever possible on the front end of your trip because it's more customer friendly. This way, you can depart at your leisure when you finish kayaking--no waiting around while we load boats, or for other kayakers that haven't finished yet. Meeting us at Shelby Park is possible with advance notice, but we usually can't offer you the van shuttle back after your paddle. 

Will Cumberland Kayak shuttle my personal kayak? 
Unfortunately, we do not have space on our trailers to shuttle other kayaks. 

What is the weight capacity of a kayak? 
Single kayaks: 300 lbs
Tandem kayaks: 450 lbs

What type of kayaks do you have?  
Our fleet is comprised of Jackson Kayak Rivieras (single kayaks) and Riviera-Ts (two person tandem kayaks). These are great, stable sit-on-top kayaks made just up the road in Sparta, TN. 

What if it rains? 
This is a rain or shine activity. If Cumberland Kayak suspends activity due to severe weather (lightning, thunderstorms, etc.), you will have the opportunity to reschedule, but we do not offer refunds if you decide to cancel due to weather. For additional information, see our Booking Policy. 

I'd like to rent a kayak for another river/lake. Do you rent kayaks for the day/weekend? 
No, we just rent kayaks for our routes. 

Can I make a large group or corporate booking? 
Large group outings and corporate events are welcome. Special scheduling may be possible (weekdays more likely). Please call 615-800-7321 or email booking@cumberlandkayakadventure.com to inquire. 



Age Policy
All children and teenagers under 18 must have a completed Parental Consent Form and be accompanied on the water by an adult. Anyone 13 and over can paddle their own boat at the discretion of the parent, while all under 13 are required to share a tandem boat with an adult. Children under 10 should have previous paddling experience and be with a parent or guardian. Each adult can be responsible for up to 4 children. If someone under 18 will be kayaking without their parent/guardian, our Parental Consent Form must be filled out in advance. 

Life Jacket Policy
Every person must wear a life jacket at all times while on the water. No exceptions.

Alcohol Policy
The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited while on the water. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to kayak. 

Pet Policy
Small dogs with kayak experience are allowed on trips as long as they are wearing a life jacket. Note: space in the van shuttle is not guaranteed or always possible for dogs. Providing your own ride/shuttle is recommended. 

Booking Policy
This is a rain or shine activity. If Cumberland Kayak suspends activity due to severe weather (lightening, thunderstorms, etc.), you will have the opportunity to reschedule.  We do not offer refunds if you decide to cancel due to rain or other reasons. However, if notified via email at least 48 hours in advance, we are happy to reschedule your float (current year and season only) when possible at no charge.

Walk Up Policy
If there is availability, you are welcome to rent a kayak without a reservation. However, online bookings are highly encouraged, as we cannot 100% guarantee a spot over the phone without payment. If the departure time is imminent, please call ahead (615-800-7321) to confirm availability and notify us of your party. Note: Cumberland Kayak reserves the right to cancel a scheduled paddle if no one has booked in advance. 

River Cleanups
We regularly host river cleanups with local non-profit, Cumberland River Compact. We encourage our staff and customers (if they are inclined) to pick up river trash when possible, and are happy to provide a river cleanup bag if requested! Our river cleanups are announced on Facebook and at the bottom of our routes/booking/2% for a Better World pages!